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Dear Travelers and Guests!
We warmly welcome you to our site, which has the rich information about our services and experiences. We are a team of travel professionals, working for the industry for more than 20 years, specializing in developing the new, geographically and culturally unique travel destinations for business and pleasure, as well as receiving the travelers from those countries in Japan.
Such work requires a comprehensive approach to and detailed review of organizing of every trip and tour, great partnership with the airlines, hotel operators and local travel agencies. We were able to combine it and achieve this level of professionalism thanks to the support of our partners and skilled teamwork, ability to constantly improve the content, quality and competitiveness of our services.
In the current era of the drastic changes and big challenges of travel industry, we are confidently restructuring our business and enhancing the content of our services, further expanding our partnership with related entities, while joining to the group of one of the industry leaders.

We are always at your service!

Japan Air Travel Marketing.,
President Shintaro Hatanaka




Japan Air Travel Marketing Co.,Ltd.



head office

5F Tohtan BILD.,4-16-13 Shibaura  Minato-ku Tokyo,105-0023 JAPAN
TEL:03-6453-9177(Common) TEL(Inbound):03-6453-9092        


branch office

1-3-18AshiharaNaniwa-ku Osaka-shi Osaka,556-8555 JAPAN(Inside of Toyo shigyo printing building)
President Dash HADA
Establishment 2003/07/17
 Capital 30,000,000 yen
Licenced Travel Agent  No 1796  by Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency
Membership Japan Association of Travel Agents(JATA)regular menber
International Air Transport Association(IATA)
Overseas Tour Operators Association of Japan(OTOA)regular menber
Bank Mizuho-bank, Mitsuisumitomo-bank,Hokkaido-bank,Risona-bank


2003 JUL Japan Air Travel Marketing Co.,Ltd.  Established
2003 OCT Vladivostok air(XF)sales commencement
2004 FEB Registered with the governor of Tokyo
2004 APR Aeroflot Russian Airlines(SU)sales commencement
Seberian airlines(S7)sales commencement
2005 JAN Dalavia Far Eastern Airways(H8)sales commencement
2005 JUL International Air Transport Association(IATA)resisterd
2005 OCT Fin air(AY)sales commencement
2006 APR No 1796  by  Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency licenced
2006 MAY Enter Japan Association of Travel Agents(JATA)regular menber
2007 NOV Russian air(FV)sales commencement
2008 APR Transaero Airlines(UN)sales commencement
2009 JAN Russian Travel Bureau merged
2009 DEC Overseas Tour Operators Association of Japan(OTOA)resisterd
2010 OCT Aerosvit Ukraine airlines(VVsales commencement
2012 SEP Yakutia ailines(R3)sales commencement
2013 SEP Iraero ailines(IO)tarts sales
2013 OCT I Fly Airlines(H5) charter sales commencement
2014  Aurora Airlines (HZ) sales commencement
Ukraina International (PS) sales commencement
Orenburg airlines (R2) charter sales commencement
Awarded of Tourism Excellence Status by Kamchatka Government Tourism Bureau  
Appointed as Representative of Japanese promotion
office by Saint Petersburg Tourism Development Committee
2015 AUG Angara airlines (2G) sales release
2017 OCT Open VisitPetersburg Tokyo in the office
2018 NOV Joined Taihei holdings group
2020 JUL Contracted with Sakhalin Japan promoter
2022 MAY

Aero Mongolia(M0) sales commencement
Contracted with Mongolia Travel Association(MTA)

2023JAN MIAT Mongolian airlines(OM) sales release as PSA
2023JUL Aero K  (RF) sales release as PSA
2023DEC Hunnu Air  (MR) sales release as PSA